Episode #18 - Rex and Carmen


[powerpress]Salt Lake City is the host of the Pioneer Parade, one of the longest-running parades in the country. Every year, residents take to the streets the night before the parade and camp out to secure the best seats possible. Assuming that there would be an abundance of families present and, well, not really doing anything but waiting out the night, I decided to see if I could drum up some love stories from some complete strangers.

I admit I was terrified. I've never just walked up to a couple and asked them to record a Loveumentary episode for me. I showed up to the parade route around 10:00 pm and walked up and down the street for over an hour trying to find the couple that least looked like they'd reject me.

After a LOT of walking... and sweating... and probably looking like a creeper as I paced up and down the sidewalk scanning the crowd, I stopped and talked to Rex and Carmen. And I'm so glad I did.

One of my favorite things about interviewing couples is the reservation most men have revolving around talking about love. But then they get started, and they gush.

This was exactly the case with Rex. Once he started talking about Carmen, he couldn't stop (in the very best way). It was fun to watch him fall in love with her all over again as he shared his favorite memories and virtues about his wife. It was even more fun to watch her watch him.

Here is some of the advice they had about conflict. Whenever they had a disagreement, Carmen observed,  "Something is always more important to somebody else. So if you care about somebody and you have a disagreement and you see how important it is to them, then... you give. It's not a win or a lose."

When fighting becomes about winning, relationships suffer. When arguments are about finding common ground, and people are willing to give for the person they love... the reason for fighting dissolves.

My favorite part of this conversation was at the end. When asked to define true love, Rex and Carmen came together and said this joint quote: "True love exists if you want it and give it."

It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes by Leo Buscaglia...

Leo Buscaglia | The Loveumentary | We love to love Click here for full version of the image.

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