Episode #51 - Steve and Natalie Part #2


[powerpress]On this week's episode, we finish our conversation with Steve and Natalie from the 'burbs of Chicago. For part #1, click here.

  • What do you do to keep the love alive after having kids?

  • What advice would you give to people who want to have a relationship like yours?

  • "Go in with the mindset that you are not #1 anymore." -Natalie

  • Taking a leap of faith. "The bigger the promise, the bigger the leap." -Melissa Joy Kong

  • Loving people needs to become a habit, or a default. If love always has to be a conscious act, it's unsustainable.

  • Can divorce be an option? If so, what are the grounds for divorce?

  • "I don't believe in marriage for the sake of marriage. I believe in loving." -Steve

  • What separates an average marriage from an amazing marriage?