Episode #60 with Mariano and Maggie Reyes



Maggie and Mariano have it figured out...

Well, they don't have it all figured out. They still have struggles and challenges just like any other couple... but what they do have figured out is the rules by which they want to play the game of marriage.

They were the perfect capstone interview for Melissa and my time together on the road because they encapsulated and touched on so many of the important lessons that we learned from other people on our journey. This interview is like the summary of the very best takeaways of so many of The Loveumentary's interviews.

One of my favorite quotes comes from about 26 minutes in when Maggie says:

I write about this on my blog all the time. It's about redefining your marriage so that it works for you, and not for what anybody else thinks is the right thing. So we came to this conclusion that we're going to make something that works for us. It's not going to look like anything anybody else does.

They learned very quickly that what works for others won't always work for them... and they get to set the rules of how they play and create their life together.

Please listen to this episode. We talk about everything from comics and video games to faith and losing family members. It's fun and thoughtful and will open you up to all sorts of possibilities!

Maggie and Mariano (Grand Master Flash) are amazing. Maggie writes a blog called Modern Married. You should totally check it out. Thanks for listening to this episode. It's absolutely one of my favorites. Here's some of my favorite takeaways:

  • How to ask a girl out. (7m)

  • Declaring your relationship status... basically how Mariano is a freaking boss. (9m)

  • I knew he was the one I wanted to go through hard things with. (11m)

  • The importance of having a marriage mentor. (14m)

  • Mariano's Spiritual Awakening (16m)

  • Making a "list" for your future partner. Should you do it or shouldn't you? (18m)

  • The amazing power of gratitude. (21m)

  • The fears of starting a life together. (24m)

  • A freakout doesn't mean it's over. (25m)

  • Redefining and creating a marriage for you, and not according to what other people want or think you should want. Your relationship needs to work for you... it doesn't matter what works for anyone else.(26m)

  • The phases of moving from single life to married life... including a phase of grief. (28m)

  • Marriage is like the Justice League. For you to do things successfully you have to play to your strength. (29m)

  • What it's like to get married in your 30's... learning to balance your time together and your time apart. "If we're so in love, shouldn't we want to spend every waking moment together?" Should I be jealous of video games? (31m)

  • The meaning-making machine - The importance of learning to understand why something is happening rather than making up the meaning yourself. (36m)

  • Tackling health together. (39m)

  • The importance of tackling projects together and being a team. (41m)

  • Is marriage work? (42m)

  • What's the best and hardest part of being married? (45m)

  • What inspired the Modern Married Blog? (52m)

  • The power of the Daily Check-In and of just asking if the story you're making up in your head is true. (54m)

  • What are the most important qualities in a husband or wife? (59m)

  • What's your last piece of relationship advice? (1h 4m)