Love Health Revolution - Day 1


Day 1

Welcome to the Love Health Revolution!

I am beyond ecstatic you’ve chosen to join us during  this 30-day reformation of self. To kick things off, let me provide a little foundation on which we will build our health, habits and happiness over the next month.

Two years ago if you’d asked me if I practiced “wellness”, I would have looked at you like you’d asked me to pull a rabbit from a black hat. At this time in my life, I was overweight, overstressed and overwhelmed with life’s trials and tasks. Now if you’d asked me the same question only 18 months months ago, I would have likely been able to conjure up a semi- intelligent response revolving around weight loss and healthy-eating habits. You see, 18 months ago, I changed. I had just lost 34 pounds by doing something very powerful: eating food. REAL food- not those boxed, bagged or otherwise packaged imitators. The effects were undeniably remarkable and absolutely propelled me down a path of passion for health. Yet, even still, at that time in my journey I’m not sure I would have recognized the essential transformation beyond my body.

See, we’ve been programmed to think that “health” is simply cracking the code of numbers. Lower weight. Smaller pant size. Less calories. That somehow when we unlock these and obtain the physical body we dream waits within the vault… we’ll hold utopia in our hands. 

Yes, the physical function and performance of our bodies is absolutely critical for good health. We all know this— so let’s leave that point on our horizon uncontested. However, let’s try something new. Put down the binoculars that have us hyper-focused on equivocating diet and doubled-up workouts to “being healthy”.  The horizon of health stretches wide and is as beautifully diverse as the colors in a sunset sinking behind the sea. And I challenge you to seek for something new in this masterpiece before you: wellness. What an absolutely refreshing word!

Let’s. Be. WELL.

Perhaps I find this so appealing because I have a testimony of its sustaining fulfillment. I’ve dropped below my goal weight, I’ve worn the dress size I only dreamed of… and I’ve not been well. I’ve been the opposite. I couldn’t understand why if I’d achieved what the world told me was “healthy"— how I could still feel so completely UN-healthy.  I hadn’t recognized true wellness as multi-dimensional and going much, much deeper.






These are the five pillars upon which I invite you to rebuild your foundation of health and wellness. During this 30-Day Challenge, each of these dimensions will receive their due discussion and limelight; along with daily, easy-to-implement tips and challenges to infuse wellness into both life and love. Cause this, my friends, is the ultimate goal here: love of health AND love of self. A kind of love that encompasses not just you and me- but mankind and mate. Herein lies the power of the LOVE HEALTH revolution.

To the wonderful life of wellness,


Daily Challenge

Today’s invitation is simple but profound in preparing you for your own personal wellness journey. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed and lie down on the ground (yes, on the ground, not your bed). Lie face up with your arms and legs spread out—starfish style—and your body relaxed. In yoga, they call this shavasana. It is a time at the end of an exerting practice to reset and regroup.

Now commit to silence and close your eyes. While wrapped in this solace of self-awareness, begin illustrating your own vision of wellness. What does emotional wellness feel like? How does physical wellness look? How might spiritual wellness elevate your life? Which social circles in your life need a well boost? How does intellectual wellness dictate your day? As each of these dimensions permeate your consciousness, allow them to sink in and ponder their meaning to your life, health and love. This may take you 60 seconds or 6 minutes. Either way, when you rise from the ground, do so knowing that you just laid the first crucial bricks in building your foundation for lasting wellness.

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[jbox title="About the Author:" border="5" radius="15"] Megan HeadshotMegan is a Doctor of Audiology, Holistic Nutritionist, wife, yoga-lover and ever-evolving health aspirer. Having transformed her own health, she’s eager to help you transform yours. She believes in power in its purest form: FOOD. Whole foods, to be precise. So pick up a fork and join her in a revolution of habits, health and happiness. A WHOLE new life awaits! Read more about her reformation of health and wellness at My Whole Food Habit.[/jbox]