Love Podcast Seeks Awesome Intern


I'm on the lookout for an awesome audio intern!

I love The Loveumentary podcast. The podcast is the backbone of the whole concept of The Loveumentary. However, I find myself getting more and more busy... which means I'm not giving the podcast the love and time it deserves.

I would LOVE some help with editing to get more episodes of The Loveumentary published regularly.

My goal is to start publishing episodes on a weekly basis. I currently have dozens of unedited episodes on my hard drive just waiting to be polished up and let loose on the internet.

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • If you are someone who has a background in audio.
  • If you are someone who believes in true love and making a difference in the world.
  • If you are someone who is ambitious and reliable. (I would love to just be able to get you files and not worry about whether or not an episode will be ready every week.)
  • If you are someone who is creative - yes I will allow you to have some creative freedom here. (If you think you can improve the podcast, let's make it happen!)

Then I want to talk to you... Drop me a line!

Here's what I can offer you:

  • Regular weekly relationship/love coaching
  • Your name on The Loveumentary website
  • Need college credit? I'll fill out that paperwork for you.
  • Introductions to awesome people in the business and relationship world
  • My sincere thanks

About the Podcast

  • We had over 100,000 downloads between iTunes, Soundcloud, and other podcast databases in 2014.
  • We have a growing fan base on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and elsewhere on the web.
  • We're getting access to more and more influencers and difference-makers in the love industry.
  • Most importantly, we're making a difference in peoples lives.

If you or someone you know can help, please let me know! Thanks you lovers of love.