Music Monday #14 - Feel the Love


In an effort to remind others that we are all connected, The Mowgli's are spreading a message of love and unity through music. The California drops of sunshine are on a happiness level all their own, with a fun-loving vibe will make you want to hug complete strangers. So when you have thoughts of doubt, moments of vulnerability, or feelings of loneliness, listen to The Mowgli's for a reminder of how united we all truly are <3 Happy Music Monday! [youtube]

Well I've been in love with love And the idea of Something binding us together You know that love is strong enough. And I've seen time tell tales About that systematic drug Yeah, that heart that beats as one, It's collectively, unconsciously composed.

I lost my head in San Francisco Waiting for the fog to roll out But I found it in a rain cloud, it was smiling down. Do you feel the love, I feel the love. C'mon, c'mon let's start it up, Let it pour out of your soul.