Cold Courage - Day 12


Day 12 - Social

Today we’re trying something new. A reprieve from reading. In lieu of my post, I present to you a special treat to kick off our week.

For those of you who’ve never had the opportunity to watch a TED Talk, you’re missing out on a wealth of inspiring messages and presenters offering innovative ideas and research. TED was started in 1984 under the slogan, “Ideas Worth Spreading”… and this particular one I’m about to share (a favorite of mine) most definitely fits the bill.

Ever wanted to speak to someone but been too intimidated to try? Longed to take a leap towards a life dream but fear of failure prevented the launch?  

We’ve all been there— the spot where comfort and familiarity stand off against discomfort and fear. In this TED talk, Joel Runyon, a javelin-throwing, world-traveling, triathlete talks about taking on the seemingly impossible by starting with an intriguingly simple daily practice. S0 cuddle up with your companion for 10 minutes of learning about some serious (and literal) cold courage.


Daily Challenge

I think you already know where this one is going. My challenge and Joel’s challenge are one and the same. Don’t focus on 30 days. Just commit to tomorrow. It’s one day. One unique opportunity towards getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. And who knows? You may discover that "impossible" lies closer than you think after stepping outside that confining cage we call comfort.

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