broken promises

Which Do You Value More, Promises or Excuses?


Love and Trust

Most marriages (and most relationships) are built on a promise. Sometimes the promise is spoken, like in wedding vows. Other times it's unspoken, like when you just know your best friend has your back.

Keeping promises is how you gain trust, and trust is the soul of a lasting relationship.

The way you gain or lose trust is by keeping promises, or breaking them.

When you know someone loves you, it can be easy to justify breaking a promise or commitment. After all, they love you... they'll understand and forgive you. Especially when they hear your incredibly compelling and valid excuses and justifications.

To justify means "to prove to be right or reasonable." Unfortunately, those who are constantly making reasonable excuses never get to experience an unreasonable love.

How often do you show up with integrity vs. showing up with an excuse for yourself and others?

Keep you promises. Start by keeping them today. Keep them with yourself. Keep them with those you love. Then start again with tomorrow. The roots of trust grow slowly, but when they sink deep, the fruits of love that come as a result will change your life.