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Did you know September 26th is Love Note Day? In preparation for this lovely event, over the next week we are going to be featuring some of our favorite love notes, and love note projects... because love notes are awesome! If you share your enthusiasm for love notes, you should participate in our Last Love Letter Project. Help us spread the love.

One of my favorite love-themed blogs is A Blog About Love.

Part of what makes Danny and Mara's blog so special is how they've publicly documented their love story. They were introduced via email, and wrote each other back and forth throughout their courtship. The letters are sweet, honest, vulnerable, and a great window into the type of communication it required them to have to build the type of loving and healthy relationship that they now share.

Here are some of my favorites:

How It All Began

Mara and Danny were introduced via a mutual friend. He lived in Boston. She lived in New York City. Both had recently gone through divorces, but Danny's was more recent. It's obvious that they had chemistry after their first emails were exchanged.


Before Danny and Mara had met in person, they had the chance to open up and be incredibly vulnerable with each other. They affirm that that vulnerability was and is a blessing in their marriage. This set of letters shows the sense of relief and joy they both experienced at feeling fully accepted and loved... especially after both having gone through difficult divorces.

It's obvious that they hadn't yet broken the "I Love You" barrier, but they were both feeling it. It's funny to watch them say how much they love about the other person without actually saying the 3 little words.

I Love You

Yup. They drop the "L-bomb." It was fate that these two would come together through their hardships.

Not to mention this:

Will this not be the absolutely coolest set of emails to look back on/share with our kids?

Reading these letters made me realize how important it is to document our lives... especially the good parts. Love letters are such a fantastic way to relive some of our most beautiful moments. They stand as a testament of how we feel about the people we love most.

How powerful to have a physical manifestation of love.

Life is short. If you love someone, let them know... and don't forget to take part in Love Letter Day, and participate in the Last Love Letter Project.

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