This Week In Love - Small Moments


Relationships are full of "moments." There are some moments you only get one chance at to make it right. The first date, the first kiss, and the proposal. It seems that this week's post has focus on these types of moments. We hope you enjoy experiencing them, and we hope they inspire you to create some moments of your own.

1. Kiss

Kissing is good for you. Go do it! Seriously... go...

2. River Asher

Ever wonder what it's like to bring a human into this world? Watch as one of life's most beautiful moments is captured for a beautiful couple in a stunningly beautiful way. Check out Armosa Studios for more phenomenal videos like this one.

River Asher from Armosa Studios on Vimeo.

3. The Most Romantic Proposal Ever

In this video, Garth constructed an elaborate plan to surprise Tess, his girlfriend, with the question of a lifetime. Check out the video below to see how it went, or this link for more details on the relationship:

4. Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

Kiss me if I'm wrong... but dinosaurs still exist, right? Dinosaur Kisses | The Loveumentary

5. The Danger in Demonizing Male Sexuality

Sexuality can be a touchy subject. There are those who are extremely conservative when it comes to sex and consider the hint that humans are sexual beings a taboo... and then there's Howard Stern. We all fall somewhere on the spectrum of what we're willing to talk about, and how we want to teach our children about sex and sexuality.

One thing is for sure, demonizing sexuality and instilling fear of ones own desires and body is never a healthy approach. This article beautifully addresses the issue. Read it. Seriously. It was phenomenal.

Popular culture sets up this idea that men are sexual predators who need to resort to trickery and cologne to fulfill their one and only mission, which is sticking their penis in a girl.

It’s sad. It’s insulting. And it’s damaging.

This way of looking at male sexuality conflates sexuality with predation. It means that he who possesses sexuality is assumed a predator.

6. Be More Open

A great comic via Simple Marriage that illustrates a feeling that is only too real. Be More Open | The Loveumentary

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