What a Master Interrogator Can Teach You About Love


There’s one thing that EVERYONE I talk to thinks they need to do better.

Can you guess what it is?

I literally hear it almost every day…

“We just need better communication.”

Communicating accurately and communicating effectively are two very different things.

When we’re angry, scared, threatened, nervous, ashamed, or embarrassed, we tend to communicate very accurately what we’re feeling… but it isn’t very effective.

That’s the tricky part.

How do we communicate in a way that enriches, uplifts, and strengthens our relationship when emotions are running high, blood is pumping in our ears, and we feel like we either want to punch our partner or completely shut down?

So I called in an expert.

Dale Reeves is a professional interrogator.

Interrogators confront more high-stress, high-stakes, high-conflict scenarios than anyone on the planet that I can think of.

And Dale… he’s a special interrogator.

He has worked on over 1,500 cases… and on every single case he’s worked he’s gotten a confession.

A confession… That means someone admitted to him that they committed a crime!

The extra-interesting thing is that he used the exact same techniques he has used to get 1,500+ confessions in his job to completely transform his failing marriage. And in this week’s podcast interview he’s going to share his secret sauce with you.

The episode is embedded above. It’s powerful stuff.

I hope you listen.

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