Music Monday #10 - Love Songs to Hate


Just because they are love songs, doesn't mean we have to love them. This week's Music Monday is taking a bit of a twist. Rather than focus on love songs we can't get enough of, we're listing the ones that don't quite make the cut. Over the top, corny songs that aren't exactly on our favorites list- Love songs to hate. Or maybe for some of you, hate to love?! After all, not everyone has the same taste and just because they aren't our favorites doesn't mean they aren't yours. Personally I can't listen to "My Heart Will Go On" without being utterly sick of it and picturing Leo and Kate "flying" on the front of a ship, but The Loveumentary's Music Monday playlists are all about sharing the love and the music. And if Celine is a favorite of yours, we couldn't let you miss out!

The playlist is a true collaboration, blending genres, styles and decades. A few of the artists include John Mayer, The Cardigans, James Blunt, and Lionel Richie. Take a listen and see if you agree, or recommend some of your own love songs to hate and hate to love!

While I happily admit I was an *NSYNC fan back in the day (I was in high school, are you really surprised?), this song was still never a favorite of mine. But what "This I Promise You" lacks musically, it makes up for visually with a little JT '00s highlights and curls throwback. Enjoy!