You Are My Sunshine


I was going to write a post about this, but I don't think anything I can say will do it justice. Can't we all just work for this?

[jbox title="Update:" border="5" radius="35" shadow="3"] Here's the story from the original poster:

"This is my gramps in recovery from a hip replacement. He broke his hip helping an widowed neighbor who had slipped on the ice and he slipped too. Not the wisest choice given his age, but that's just who he is, always wants to help. This was a particularly hard time for him because he had just recovered from a surgery for bladder cancer a few months earlier. I'm happy to say he seems in high spirits whenever I go and play Phase 10 or Five Crowns with him and my grandma... they are an amazing couple. I wasn't sure if the internet would enjoy this vid as much as our family does, but it seems to be helping people feel the love which is all I could hope for."[/jbox]

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You Are My Sunshine | The Loveumentary