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5 Simple Rituals That Keep Passion Alive


This post was inspired by this week's awesome podcast with Liz and Ryan. You should check it out to learn more about how awesome rituals can make an awesome relationship even more amazing:

Kiss for 10 Seconds or Longer

Kissing is awesome.

Remember your first kiss? The nerves? The anxiety? The excitement? The tingle from head to toes? (I hope it wasn't just me that experienced the tingle...) There is just something special about a good kiss.

Kissing releases endorphins, helps reduce blood pressure, fight cavities, and reduce the pain of headaches and cramps. It's even a barometer for sexual compatibility. (Source)

Yet, as amazing as kissing is, many people often allow the kiss to be replaced by the peck (gross). A peck is something you give your grandma, not your lover.

Pecks to not lend themselves to passion.

Make a pact to choose passion in your relationship by committing to kiss for 10 seconds or longer every day. When you part ways, kiss each other like you'll miss each other.

Trust me, do it for a week, and your love life will begin to transform.

Get Dressed Up

The more we work for something, the more we appreciate it.

One of my favorite things to do is mow the lawn. I'm meticulous with the lines I leave in the grass. I make sure to switch up the direction I mow every week to get the optimal cross-hatch pattern.

I put in all this work, because when it's all done, I can turn around and look at that luscious landscape and enjoy the fruits of my labors.

I get a very similar situation when I have a good shower, slip into a suit and tie, and take a lady out on a date. When I put effort into my appearance, I'm more thoughtful about how I show up for her. Getting dressed up gives the evening  an air of specialness and romance.

Make it a point to dress up for each other every once in a while. Granted, snuggling in your PJs has its place... but sometimes I wonder the difference it could make if we put a little effort into ourselves for each other a little more regularly.

Make A Fuss Over Each Other

Do you know what I get excited for?

Whatever I want to get excited for, that's what.

Some of my favorite moments in a given week are when I make a fuss out of simple things... and the best part of it? Getting excited about something (or someone) is 100% a choice.

You can get excited when they call your number at In 'N Out Burger. You can get excited each time someone walks in the door at a party. You can get excited whenever the garbage man picks up your trash. There is a lot in life to be excited about...

But nothing is more worthy of excitement than love.

You can find reasons every day to make a fuss over each other. Make a fuss every time you see your mate for the first time in a day. Give a cheer every time your significant other says your name, or does something kind for you. Celebrate how lovely they look, and make it a point to compliment them on your favorite features every day.

People get excited about you when you get excited about them. Make a fuss over each other. It's so easy. It's 100% a choice. It makes every day a little more fun, it makes love a little more passionate, and it makes life a little more awesome.

Schedule Sex

Ugh, boring! Why on earth would you put sex on your calendar like an oil change, or a business meeting?

Yeah, don't do that.

Put sex on your calendar... and then give yourself a reminder 24 hours in advance to begin the foreplay. Shamelessly flirt with each other for days leading up to your special appointment. Send sexy texts, or erotic emails. Tease each other mercilessly.

The point of scheduling sex is to make sure the important things are a priority (and yes, sex should be a priority).

If you treat it like a business meeting, it will feel like one. If you use it as an opportunity to connect, flirt, and pursue each other, it can be an amazing tool for experiencing electric passion in your life.

Turn Off Your Phone

Nothing says "You're not important to me," like your partner constantly looking down at their phone.

I've realized lately that I have this issue... so I've begun to turn my phone off, leave it at home, or put it in another room when I'm with people I love.

If you want more passion in your relationship, turn off your damn phone.

Got your own rituals to keep passion alive in your relationship? Leave them in the comments! I'm collecting them, because I think they're awesome.